Berlingske: Flemming Rose modtager en stor amerikansk pris

“Flemming Rose er en overbevisende modtager af The Friedman Prize. Han har vist stort mod i sit passionerede forsvar for ytringsfriheden, lyder det blandt andet i begrundelsen for tildelingen.”
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CATO Institute: Flemming Rose: Winner of the 2016 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty

“…For the past 10 years, censorship per­petrated by violent Islamic extremists has been a flash point in the long struggle for the freedom of the press. Through it all, Flemming Rose has been an exceptionally principled and articulate advocate of the importance of press freedom. In count­less interviews, op-eds, and radio and TV appearances, he has made the case that all ideas deserve a public airing in an atmo­sphere free from threat and violence. His book,The Tyranny of Silence, chronicles the events of the cartoon controversy and details their chilling implications for the freedom of expression worldwide. It has become a modern classic on the need to stand up for intellectual, press, and artistic freedom.
Established in 2002 and presented every two years, the Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty is the leading international award for significant contributions to advancing individual liberty. The Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman died in November of 2006…”
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Index on Censorship: "Words and Deeds"

”In 2005 Flemming Rose commissioned the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that sparked protests and riots across the world.
In an exclusive book extract, Rose explains why bans on hate speech across Europe are based on a false understanding of its role in the Holocaust
Besides the issue of self-censorship, the debate ensuing from the [Danish] cartoons revealed a number of fractures in European culture and self-understanding. One of these arose from the trauma of the Second World War, an event Europe at all costs wished to avoid repeating...”
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